Portree Angling Association

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Association Rules...


        Members must show their membership card when collecting boat keys from Inside Out.


  • Every effort must be made to prevent unauthorised fishing and it shall be the duty of   members to take appropriate action when poaching is suspected.


  • All permits and membership cards should be produced on demand on all Association waters and guest fishings.


  • No member of the Association shall use Association boats or equipment for personal gain.


  • The assosciation reserves the right to refuse to sell a permit, limit access to or close part of the fishery if such action would be in the interest of maintaining the fishery.


  • Members must pay for friends at the rate decided by the Management Committee.


  • Whilst fishing Association waters, the use of buoyancy jackets is recommended at all times.

          Fishing on the loch is by FLY ONLY at all times


  • The Association shall not be responsible for loss or damage or injury of whatever nature incurred by any angler on Association waters.


  • Single rod only allowed not exceeding 12' 6".


  • The brown trout catch limit is two fish over 10" per day.  All brown trout under 10" must be carefully returned to the water. Catch and release is allowed after completing the catch limit.


  • The rainbow catch limit on Loch Leathan is two fish over 10" per day.


  • Since April 2016, Salmon fishing is catch and release only.


  • No fishing shall take place in Association waters between the hours of midnight Saturday and midnight Sunday.


  • Rods, permits and membership cards are not transferable.


  • Private boats, including float tubes, are not to be used on Association water without receiving prior written authority from the Management Committee.


  • The use of gaffs and tailers is prohibited.


Loch Fada