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The Storr Lochs -  Loch leathan and Loch Fada -  lie beside the road from Portree to Staffin, about five miles north of Portree.  The lochs, which are connected, are some 2.5  miles long by 0.5 miles wide, with several bays and islands.  They offer the cream of the Association’s loch fishing.


Loch Fada, the southern most and smaller of the lochs, is shallow throughout its length, so from a boat the whole loch is fishable.  The weed beds at the south end, round the island, and onto the rocky northern shore are favourite drifts.  For the bank angler, fish can be found all round the shoreline, though the southern end is shallow.  The road side tends to get weedy as the season progresses but round the weed beds can be productive.


Loch Leathan is a much bigger loch. Fish are caught all round the shore, though the roadside bank is favoured by local anglers.  Armishadder Bay at the southern end, though hard to get to, is worth a cast.  There is a small bridge over the narrows between the lochs, allowing access if the water level is not too high.  Favourite drifts on Loch Leathan are in Armishadder Bay and down both shorelines, paying particular attention to the small bays.  Round the big island can also be a productive drift.  Fish can come anywhere and they seem to favour traditional wet flies such as Invicta, Black Pennell, Grouse series, Soldier Palmer and sedge imitations.  We have a prolific mayfly hatch, usually around the first half of June, when the usual Mayfly imitations work well, along with Claret Bumbles and Dabblers.  


Excellent catches were reported in 2010, with trout averaging three quarters of a pound, and we are hoping for even better fishing this year following pre-season stocking.


Boats are available on both lochs, including a wheely boat on Loch Leathan, and may be booked for day or evening sessions.  Boat hire charge includes permits for two rods.  The bag limit is three fish over 25cm (10 inches) in length.



Storr Lochs

Loch Fada –      NG493494

Loch Leathan – NG505515



Numerous parking places off the A855 Portree to Staffin road, or by the boat shed near the dam wall.  

There is a small bridge over the narrows between the lochs allowing access if the water level is not too high.


Many of the Lochs are dangerous to wade, having very soft and uneven beds and deep holes. Fish from the bank where possible and wade only where you are sure of finding firm and even ground.

Storr Lochs