Portree Angling Association

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The Association leases all the loch fishing on the east side of the Trotternish Ridge (except for Loch Liuravay) and, on the west side, the loch beside the Coastguard Cottages at Duntulm and Loch Sneosdal above Balgowan north of Uig.  We also have the fishing in Lochs  Connan and Ravag, accessed from the minor road from Portree to Struan, in Bracadale.  All the lochs contain brown trout except Loch Mealt, which is unique in Europe, containing Arctic Char and no brown trout.


The hill lochs are a delight to visit offering peace and tranquillity with the opportunity to see Golden and Sea Eagles while catching wild and hard fighting indigenous brown trout, or to give them their more appropriate Gaelic name 'Breacan' meaning 'Speckled' Trout.They rise readily to the fly in good conditions and for their size give excellent sport on light tackle, but they are lightning fast and you have to be very quick to hook them.

Some of the lochs are remote and are only reached by a long walk, sometimes over difficult terrain.  However, you will find perfect solitude, save for the occasional eagle or red deer.


Boats are available on Loch Connan (permits available from Inside Out) otherwise all the lochs are fished from the bank.  All lochs are fly fishing only.  




Loch Cuithir      NG475596 


Description:    The loch was once an industrial site for the extraction of Diatomite and is accessed by a reasonable track.

Parking:          Park in the Lealt Falls car park by the A855 and follow the track to the loch, it is a 40 minute walk alternatively, access by          

                      4x4 is possible with care to within easy reach of the loch.


Notes:              FLY ONLY.


Maligar Lochs


Loch Cleap                 NG467662

Loch Dubhar-sgoth   NG457640

Loch Corcasgil          NG452642


Description:   Three hill lochs in the shadow of the Trotternish ridge, all yielding good brown trout in the right conditiion.


Parking:         Park at Maligar road end and walk in, a long walk over rough ground. Dubharsgoth and Corcasgil can be accessed


Notes:            Loch Dubhar-sgoth and Corcasgil provide good early Season fishing. FLY ONLY


Brogaig Lochs:


Loch Cleat     NG447672

Loch Leum na Luirginn  - NG447676


Description:   Two lochs by the minor road from Brogaig to Uig.  Both have very good fish with Cleat a good late evening loch.

                       Walking to the lochs needs care.


Parking:         Park at the cemetery car park on the Broraig-Uig road or at the botom of the harpin bend, which is the easier access    

                      The lochs are a short walk.


Notes:             FLY ONLY


Flodigarry Lochs


Loch Fada            NG458696

Loch Droighinn    NG455712

Loch Langaig       NG467707

Loch Hasco           NG456701


Description:     A group of lochs between the A855 and the Quiraing which can yield good catches of small but lively brown trout. Well  

                         worth a visit.


Parking:          Park at grid ref: 464709  on the A855 by the track to Loch Langaig.  The other lochs are a short walk away.


Notes:             FLY ONLY


Coastguard Loch - NG416742 


Description:    A small loch beside the costguard cottages at Duntulm


Parking:          Park with care by the loch


Notes:              FLY ONLY



Loch Sneosdal - NG414692  


Description:    Hill loch on the west side of the Trotternish Ridge.


Parking:           Park with care at Herbusta and walk in.


Notes:               FLY ONLY.



Loch Connan - NG387430


Description:        A productive hill loch off the B885 Portree to Struan road which may be fished by bank or boat.


Parking:              Park at grid ref NG394425 by the B885 and follow the indistinct track going NW over boggy ground to the loch.


Notes:                 The terrain around the loch is very rough and boggy in places, and the banks can be fragile.  The bed of the loch is          

                            also very uneven, so exercise great care when wading. A boat is available on this loch. FLY ONLY



Loch Ravag - NG380450


Description:     A remote hill loch almost completely surrounded by foresty plantation.


Parking:           Park at grid ref.NG397430 at the track end on the B885. Follow the forestry track going NW and take the track leading            

                        off to the right after about 1.25 miles. This peters out, but you should be able to see the loch below you.



Many of the Lochs are dangerous to wade, having very soft and uneven beds and deep holes. Fish from the bank where possible and wade only where you are sure of finding firm and even ground


Hill Lochs